Basketball Drills for Beginners

Basketball Drills and Skills: Volume 1 (DVD)

Basketball Drills for Beginners (DVD)

Teaching kids how to play basketball can be a challenge. On this DVD, PlaySportsTV coaches present over 35 videos designed to teach young players the basketball basics in a language that is easy for them to understand.

Take advantage of these great basketball drills and tips to help your young players learn basketball dribbling, passing, rebounding, shooting, and defense. With over 70 minutes of professional instruction organized by topic, this DVD is a great teaching tool.

Instructors Featured

Sasha Vujacic - Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Bill Thom - Varsity Boy's Head Coach - Croton-Harmon High School
Bob Schurtz - Varsity Boy's Head Coach - West Windsor Plainsboro High School South
Ahmad Clayton- Director of Operations - Hoopmasters

DVD Table of Contents

Dribbling Basics
- Warm-up Dribbling Drill
- Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 1
- Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 2
- Ball Handling
- Stationary Dribbling Drill
- Fingers Pads for Dribbling
- Dribbling and Pivoting
- Protecting the Ball Drill
- Moving With the Basketball
- Keep Away Drill

Passing Basics
- Passing Basics
- Chest Pass Basics
- Chest Pass Drill
- Bounce Pass
- Bounce and Chest Pass Drill
- Passing on the Move
- Overhead Pass

Basketball Rebounding
- Boxing Out
- Rebound and Outlet Pass
- Rebounding Drill
- Foul Shot Rebounding

Shooting Basics
- Triple Threat to Shot
- Shooting Basics
- Breaking Down the Shot
- Release and Follow-Through
- The Non-Shooting Hand
- Basic Shooting Drill
- Dribble to Layup Transition
- Right-Handed Layup
- Left-Handed Layup
- Two-Ball Layup Drill
- Shooting Contest

Basketball Defense
- Defensive Stance (Bill Thom)
- Footwork (Sasha Vujacic)
- Defensive Slide (Bill Thom)
- One-Pass Away Defense (Bill Thom)
- Defending the Ball Handler (Bill Thom)
- Defending the Post (Bill Thom)
- Defending the Cutter (Bill Thom)

Check out this sample from the DVD:

Basketball Dribbling: Moving With the Basketball

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