How to Play Soccer: Offense

Soccer Drills and Skills: Volume 1 (DVD)

How to Play Soccer: Offense (DVD)

Coaching youth soccer can be challenging for a first time parent or coach. To teach kids how to play soccer, it’s important to be prepared with the proper soccer drills and coaching tips. Young soccer players need to learn fundamental soccer skills that will help them throughout their playing careers.

This DVD delivers over 50 instructional videos designed to help parents and coaches teach young players all the soccer skills they need to learn the offensive aspects of the game of soccer. With over 100 minutes of professional instruction conveniently organized by topic, this DVD is ideal for parents and coaches that want to teach their kids how to play soccer!

Instructors Featured

DeWayne De Rosario - Midfielder, Toronto FC of Major League Soccer
Jonathan Bornstein - Defense, Chivas USA of Major League Soccer
Paul Riley - Coach of the Long Island Fury of the Women's Professional Soccer League
Miguel Brunengo - Assistant Men's Soccer Coach, C.W. Post on Long Island, NY
Jim Buchanan - Head Trainer, Maestro Soccer

DVD Table of Contents

Soccer Moves
- Shielding the Ball
- 1 v. 1 Attacking
- Get Free from Defender
- The Cruyff Turn
- Cut and Double-Cut
- The Maradona Turn
- Roll and Scissor
- Roll and Step Over Dribble
- Scissor and Double Scissor
- The Step Over Turn
- Cutting Drill
- Cutting with the Ball
- Cutting with the Outside of the Foot
- Zig-Zag Cutting Drill

Soccer Skills: Trapping and Ball Control
- Trapping with the Chest
- Inside Foot Control
- Outside Foot Control
- Head Control
- Top of Foot Control
- Thigh Control
- Time or Man-On Trapping Drill
- Ball Control Drill
- Receiving the Ball with your Body
- Single Player Ball Receiving Drills

Soccer Skills and Drills: Passing
- Receiving a Pass (Part 1)
- Receiving a Pass (Part 2)
- Two-Touch Passing
- Two-Touch Passing Drill
- One-Touch Passing
- Support the Ball
- Wall Passing
- Two-Player Passing Drill
- 2 v. 1 Passing
- 3 v. 1 Passing
- Square and Through Balls
- Three- Player, Two-Ball Passing Drill
- Regaining Possession

Soccer Skills: Shooting
- The Basics of Shooting
- Power Shooting
- Shooting with Inside of Foot
- Shooting Low
- Shooting High
- Shooting off a Pass
- Shooting with either Foot
- Shooting for the Sides
- Shooting Warm-Up

Soccer Skills: Head Balls
- How to Head a Soccer Ball
- Jump Header Drill

Soccer Tips: Dead Ball Strategies
- Throw-In Technique
- Long Throw-Ins
- Support After a Throw-In
- Basics of the Corner Kick

Check out this sample from the DVD:

Soccer Drills: Zig-Zag Cutting Drill

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