Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 7 to 9 Help intermediate players improve their skills with these advanced drills and techniques

For kids to play better, they need to add more advanced techniques to their basic skills. This series of 60 easy-to-learn/easy-to-teach videos, specifically developed for 7 to 9 year-old players, shows you how to improve your players dribbling, passing, receiving, ball control, and shooting skills. Instructor Nick Harrison, former Hawaii Pacific University coach, takes you through every drill one step at a time. Your purchase also includes access to downloadable soccer training notes and coaching tips for each drill.

Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 7 to 9


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  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
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Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 7 to 9


$29.95 per year

  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Topics Covered

  • Dribbling
  • Moves and Turns
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Ball Control
    and more!

Perfect for Teams and Leagues

FREE PREVIEW from the Series: Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 7 to 9

Week Two: Crab Drill

Crab Drill
The crab drill is a perfect way to teach offensive skills while ensuring that the entire team is participating. One or more players act like crabs intent on taking possession away from the offensive “fish.”

This video is one of over forty great soccer drills in our training series, Coaching Youth Soccer: Ages 7 to 9.

This looks really great and something coaches can easily use for drills with the younger kids. Your video segments were perfect… quick and to the point.
-Coach B
 Cranbury-Plainsboro Little League
  $29.95 plus shipping and handling  
  $29.95 plus shipping and handling  

Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • The Perfect Practice
  • Preparing for Practices
  • Delivering Practice Sessions
  • Coaching Tips
Week One: Dribbling Introduction
  • Week One: Introduction
  • Space Wars Drill
  • Follow the Leader Drill
  • Dribbling Drill
  • Last Man Standing Drill
  • No Pass-Backs Drill
Week Two: Dribbling Moves and Turns
  • Week Two: Introduction
  • Four Basic Dribbling Moves
  • Three Basic Dribbling Turns
  • Soda Fountain Drill
  • Crab Drill
  • Run the Gauntlet Drill
Week Three: Advanced Dribbling Skills
  • Week Three: Introduction
  • Wembley Drill
  • Rats and Rabbits Drill
  • 1 v. 1 to Target
  • 1 v. 1 to Many Goals
Week Four: Passing and Receiving Passes
  • Week Four: Introduction
  • Passing and Receiving Basics
  • Passing, Receiving and Moving
  • Passing and Receiving in Threes
  • Soccer Bowling Drill
  • Through-the-Legs Drill
  • Gate Ball Drill
  • Pass and Circle
  • Passing and Receiving in a Circle
Week Five: Intermediate Passing Skills
  • Week Five: Introduction
  • Ball-Striking Technique
  • Passing and Laying Up
  • Send 'Em In Drill
  • Six Box Drill
  • Two-Headed Monster Drill
  • Square-Out Drill
  • Dodgeball
Week Six: Ball Control and Possession
  • Week Six: Introduction
  • Basic Control Techniques
  • Cushion Control
  • Wolf and Piglets Drill
  • Egg-cellent Drill
  • First Touch Drill
  • Control Balls out of the Air
  • Driving Down the Freeway
  • Wedge Control
Week Seven: Advanced Possession Skills
  • Week Seven: Introduction
  • Triangular Touches Drill
  • Inside the Circle Drill
  • T-Junction Drill
  • Throw and Control Game
Week Eight: Shooting Introduction
  • Week Eight: Introduction
  • Coconut Shy Drill
  • Shooting-in-Threes Drill
  • Pinball Drill
  • Pirate Pete and Parrot Drill
  • Soccer Quidditch Drill
Week Nine: Advanced Shooting Skills
  • Week Nine: Introduction
  • Shooting using the Garbage Man
  • Shoot with Defensive Pressure
  • Alligator's Alley Drill
  • Sideline Soccer Drill
  • European Club Challenge

About the Coach

Formerly a coach with Scunthorpe United and Liverpool University in England, and Hawaii Pacific University, Nick Harrison is a talented and experienced coach, with an MS in Sport & Exercise Science and a NSCAA Premier Coaching License. He is an AYSO Certified Licensed Instructor.