Coaching the Advancing Tennis Player Essential Tips, Strategies and Drills for Coaches and Parents

Coach Yevgeny Supeko presents 20 vital tennis drills that help young players make progress at every practice. These videos are designed for parents and coaches who actively help young players train and grow. Coach Supeko provides valuable insights into what to emphasize and what to watch for to get the most from your players’ time on the court. Our lessons prove you don’t have to be a professional to share quality instruction with your advancing players. When you purchase this series, you also gain access to downloadable training notes and coaching tips for each video.

Coaching the Advancing Tennis Player


$29.95 per year

  • Instant, Online Access
  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Coaching the Advancing Tennis Player


$29.95 per year

  • Instant, Online Access
  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Topics Covered

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Overhead
  • Volley
  • Serves
  • Net Play
  • Movement Drills

Perfect for Teams and Leagues

FREE PREVIEW from the Series: Coaching the Advancing Tennis Player

Square Run Drill

In this video, Coach Yev Supeko demonstrates a drill that gets players moving all over their area to return the ball to an opponent. This is a great way to simulate live match action and help your players know how to approach shots from different angles.

This video is one of twenty easy-to-follow demonstrations in our video training series, Coaching the Advancing Tennis Player.

This looks really great and something coaches can easily use for drills with the younger kids. Your video segments were perfect… quick and to the point.
-Coach B
 Cranbury-Plainsboro Little League

Training Plan at a Glance

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1. Great Tennis Training with Coach Yev Supeko
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3. Packed with Great Youth Tennis Practice Drills
4. Insider Tips and Printable Training Notes
5. Combines the Best of Books and DVD's
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Table of Contents

What To Look For
  • Introduction to Coaching Youth Tennis
  • Forehand
  • One-Handed Backhand
  • Two-Handed Backhand
  • Volley
  • Overhead
Movement Drills
  • Introduction to Movement Drills
  • Floor Down Rally Ball
  • Diagonal Forehand-Backhand Drill
  • Forehand-Backhand Cone Drill
  • Square Run Drill
  • In-Out Forehand Drill
  • In-Out Forehand-Backhand Drill
Net Play
  • Introduction to Net Play
  • Net Play Volley with Overhead
  • Net Play W
  • Neutralize Drill
  • Point Play Transition Three Areas
  • Introduction to Serves
  • Return of Serve
  • Serve and Reaction Drill
  • Serve with Pressure

About the Coach

Yev Supeko is a former professional tennis player who currently serves as a senior tennis instructor at the Monroe Sports Center in Monroe, New Jersey. Coach Supeko has coached nationally ranked juniors at the Chris Evert Academy in Florida. Supeko was also the #1 singles player on the University of South Carolina Men's Tennis Team of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).