Coaching Youth Lacrosse: Beginner & Intermediate Drills and techniques for beginner and intermediate level players

Coaches Keith Gonsouland and Risto Worthington hone your coaching skills week-by-week as they guide you through each drill. Our series of over 50 easy-to-follow videos, designed specifically for 8 to 13 year-old players, gives you the deep understanding you need to help your players develop. Passing, catching, scooping, dodging and ground ball skills, as well as player positioning and face offs, defense and offense formations, riding, clear, and goalie strategies are all included in this comprehensive guide to the fastest game on two feet. Your purchase also includes access to downloadable training notes and lacrosse coaching tips for each drill.

Coaching Youth Lacrosse: Beginner & Intermediate


$29.95 per year

  • Instant, Online Access
  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Coaching Youth Lacrosse: Beginner & Intermediate


$29.95 per year

  • Instant, Online Access
  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Topics Covered

  • Passing
  • Scooping
  • Shooting
  • Defense
  • Goalie Play
    and more

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FREE PREVIEW from the Series: Coaching Youth Lacrosse: Beginner & Intermediate

Transition Play: Fast Break Offense

Transition Play: Fast Break Offense
Lacrosse is a fast game and being able to score in transition – when the defense is unsettled – is critical to success. This lacrosse drill details a great way to set up an offensive formation to take advantage of fast breaks.

This video is one of over fifty great lacrosse drills in our training series, Coaching Youth Lacrosse: Beginner and Intermediate.

This looks really great and something coaches can easily use for drills with the younger kids. Your video segments were perfect… quick and to the point.
-Coach B
 Cranbury-Plainsboro Little League

Training Plan at a Glance

Check out these cool and exciting features:

1. Professional videos designed to help you master boys’ lacrosse
2. Over 50 video demonstrations for young players
3. Packed with great boys’ lacrosse drills and practice ideas
4. Insider tips and printable training notes (on-line only)
5. Combines the best of books and DVDs
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Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Meet Coach Keith Gonsouland
  • Meet Coach Risto Worthington
Topic 1: Equipment and Cradling
  • Introduction to Topic 1
  • Lacrosse Equipment Overview
  • The Lacrosse Stick
  • Hand and Body Positioning
  • Cradling Technique
Topic 2: Passing, Catching, and Scooping
  • Introduction to Topic 2
  • Passing Technique
  • Catching Technique
  • Partner Passing
  • The Over-the-Shoulder Catch
  • Scooping Technique
  • Scooping Line Drill
Topic 3: Line Drills
  • Introduction to Topic 3
  • Two-Handed Passing Line Drill
  • One-Handed Passing Line Drill
  • Over-the-Shoulder Passing Line Drill
  • Star Drill
  • Four-Corner Ball Drill
  • Three-Man Weave Drill
  • Three-Man Line Drill
Topic 4: Dodging and Ground Balls
  • Introduction to Topic 4
  • Face Dodge Technique
  • Roll Dodge Technique
  • Split Dodge Technique
  • 2 v. 1 Ground Ball Drill
  • 1 v. 1 Ground Ball Drill
Topic 5: Shooting
  • Introduction to Topic 5
  • Room and Time Shooting
  • Shooting on the Run
  • In-Close Shooting
  • The Shooting Drill
Topic 6: Player Positioning and Face-Offs
  • Introduction to Topic 6
  • 1 v. 1 Offense (on top)
  • 1 v. 1 Defense (on top)
  • 1 v. 1 Offense (behind goal)
  • 1 v. 1 Defense (behind goal)
  • 3 v. 3 Offense
  • 3 v. 3 Defense
  • The Pick and Roll
  • Face-Off Technique
Topic 7: Defense and Checking
  • Introduction to Topic 7
  • Defensive Stance and Checking
  • The Defensive Slide
  • Slap Check, V-Holds, and Equal Pressure
  • Body Checks
  • Illegal Checks
  • The Long Pole
Topic 8: Formations for Offense and Defense
  • Introduction to Topic 8
  • The Basics Of Team Offense
  • The Skip Pass
  • The 2-3-1 Cone Drill
  • Practicing The 2-3-1 Offense
  • The 1-4-1 Offense
  • The 2-2-2 Offense
  • The Basics of Team Defense
  • The Shell Drill
Topic 9: Transition Play and Advantage Situations
  • Introduction to Topic 9
  • Fast Break Offense
  • Fast Break Defense
  • 4 v. 3 Offense (Monkey In The Middle)
  • 4 v. 3 Defense (Monkey In The Middle)
  • Man-Up Offense
  • Man-Down Defense
Topic 10: Full-Field Passing, Clearing, and Riding
  • Introduction to Topic 10
  • Full-Field Passing Drill
  • In-Bounds Clearing Drill
  • In-Bounds Clearing With Skip Pass Drill
  • The Riding Drill
Bonus Topic: Goalie Play
  • Basic Goalie Play
  • Goalie Training With Baseball Mitt
  • Goalie Training On Knees

About the Coaches

Coach Keith Gonsouland is in his 8th season as the head coach of the River Hill High School boys' varsity lacrosse team. The Hawks have built a record of 93-45 over the past 7 years. He has played professionally for the Pittsburgh Crossefire and Washington Power of the National Lacrosse League.


Coach Risto Worthington is an assistant coach at Glenelg Country School in Ellicott City, MD. He played professionally for the Pittsburgh Crossfire in the National Lacrosse League and has played for and coached the Finnish National Team. Coach Worthington was recently the fifth-highest scorer at the World Games tournament.