Coaching Girls' Softball: Rookies to Third Year Drills and techniques to build beginner and intermediate level players’ skills every week of the season

Here’s a season’s worth of success in 75 exceptional videos that help you coach rookie to third-year players. There’s everything you need to teach defensive positions and tactics, as well as develop hitting, baserunning, throwing, pitching, catching, and bunting skills. Coach Jodie Ricciardi delivers each concise drill in an easy-to-use week-by-week progression. Your purchase also includes access to downloadable training notes and softball coaching tips for each drill.

Coaching Girls' Softball: Rookies to Third Year


$29.95 per year

  • Instant, Online Access
  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Coaching Girls' Softball: Rookies to Third Year


$29.95 per year

  • Instant, Online Access
  • Great for Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
  • Downloadable training notes & tips
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Topics Covered

  • Stretching
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Fielding
  • Hitting
    and more

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FREE PREVIEW from the Series: Coaching Girls' Softball: Rookies to Third Year

Defense: Grounders Side to Side

Fielding the ball properly is critical in softball. Grounders Side by Side is a great drill for making sure young softball players develop the proper footwork, glove positioning and balance on the field.

This video is one of over seventy great softball drills in our training series, Coaching Youth Softball: Rookies to Third-Year.

This looks really great and something coaches can easily use for drills with the younger kids. Your video segments were perfect… quick and to the point.
-Coach B
 Cranbury-Plainsboro Little League

Training Plan at a Glance

Check out these cool and exciting features:

1. Professional videos that teach you how to coach girls' softball
2. Over 75 week-by-week video demonstrations
3. Packed with great girls’ softball drills and practice ideas
4. Insider tips and printable training notes (on-line only)
5. Combines the best of books and DVDs
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Table of Contents

Week One
  • Training Plan Introduction
  • Coaching Tip: Early Season Practices
  • Proper Warm-Up
  • Overhand Throwing Phases on One Knee
  • Defense: Basic Fielding Stance
  • Defense: Grounders with a Partner
  • Hitting: Basic Hitting Technique
  • Hitting: Dry Cuts
  • Hitting: Eyes Open, Eyes Closed
  • Rules of the Game
  • Coaching Checklist
Week Two
  • Week Two Overview
  • Throw to a Target
  • Basic Baserunning
  • Defense: Grounders Side to Side
  • Defense: Grounders in Positions
  • Hitting: Bat Throw
  • Hitting: One-Handed, Off Tee
  • Hitting: Tee-Hip Turns
  • Coaching Tip: Know Your Players' Abilities
Week Three
  • Week Three Overview
  • Overhand Throwing Phases Standing
  • Throw and Catch a Beanbag
  • Advanced Baserunning
  • Fly Ball Fundamentals
  • Full-Field Defense and Throw to Bases
  • Move the Ball
  • Soft Toss
  • Tee: Contact, Then Full Swing
  • Coaching Tip: Learn Multiple Positions
Week Four
  • Week Four Overview
  • Throwing Game: Last Team Standing
  • Backhand Fielding
  • Fly Balls: Drop Step
  • Soft Toss Numbered or Colored Balls
  • Front Toss
  • Coaching Tip: Practice at Home
Week Five
  • Week Five Overview
  • Timed Throws: Overhand Throwing
  • Defensive Drill: Between the Cones
  • Three-Second Drill
  • Pitch to Players
  • Fence/Net Hitting Drill
  • Tee Swing Drill
  • Coaching Tip: Winning Isn't Everything
Week Six
  • Week Six Overview
  • Throw Around the Horn
  • Scrimmage or Crazy Softball
  • Rapid Ball Drill
  • Small Ball Soft Toss
  • Angle Toss
  • Coaching Tip: Keep It Short and Simple
Week Seven
  • Week Seven Overview
  • Relay Line Races
  • Tennis Ball Bounce
  • One-Hand Drill Without a Bat
  • Grounders and Fly Balls: Back Turned
  • Coaching Tip: Position Reminder
Week Eight
  • Week Eight Overview
  • Ball Throw Hitting
  • Long Tee or Soft Toss Long in Cage
  • Around the World: Throw Around the Bases
  • Coaching Tip: The Coach's Attitude
  • Wiffle Ball Game Using No Gloves
Week Nine
  • Week Nine Overview
  • Tee: Full Swing with a Snap Back
  • Video Review
  • Short Hops
  • Keep Players Moving
  • Coaching Tip: Keep Players Moving
Week Ten
  • Week Ten Overview
  • All At Once Defense
  • Sacrifice Bunting
  • Walk Through: Off the Tee
  • Coaching Tip: Keep the Whole Team Involved

About the Coach

Jodie Ricciardi has eight years of softball coaching experience at the collegiate level. She coached for two years at Drew University, two years at The College of New Jersey and four years at Princeton University. She coaches softball at clinics and camps, and through private lessons.