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Wrestling Moves: Double Leg Takedown Trip

The double leg trip starts from the neutral stance. With this wrestling move, use a penetration step to get inside and wrap up an opponent's legs before taking him down to the mat. It's another one of the wrestling moves young wrestlers need to learn for takedowns.

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  • Breakdowns
  • Stand-Ups
  • Pin Moves
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Table of Contents

Wrestling Basics
  • Neutral Position Basics
  • Neutral Position Lineup
  • Referee Position
  • The Square Stance
  • The Staggered Stance
  • Movement Drill - Square and Staggered Stance
  • Stance Drill with Partner
Wrestling Moves: Takedowns
  • Takedown/Shot Fundamentals
  • Double Leg Takedown Cut and Catch
  • Double Leg Takedown Knee Cut
  • Double Leg Takedown Trip
  • Single Leg Takedown
  • Single Leg Takedown Backhand Reach
  • Single Leg Pop-and-Chop Takedown
  • Takedown Practice Drills
  • Single Leg Mat Tap Drill, Part 1
  • Single Leg Mat Tap Drill, Part 2
Wrestling Moves: Breakdowns
  • Near Arm Chop Breakdown
  • Ankle-to-Arm Breakdown
  • Spiral Ride Breakdown
  • Tight Waist Far Ankle Breakdown
Wrestling Moves: Controlling Ties
  • Controlling Ties - Wrist, Inside, and Elbow
  • Controlling Ties - Two in One and Underhook
Wrestling Moves: Stand-Ups
  • Pivot Stand-Up
  • Oklahoma Stand-Up
  • Inside Power Stand-Up
  • Switch
Wrestling Defense
  • Lines of Defense
  • The Sprawl - Single and Double Leg
  • Down Block - Single and Double Leg
  • High Crotch Down Block
  • High Single Defense
  • Low Single Defense
  • High Crotch Defense
  • Double Leg Defense
Wrestling Counter Offense
  • Down Blocks with Reshot
  • Down Block/Reshot Drill
Wrestling Pin Moves
  • Half Nelson Pin Maneuver
  • Arm Bar With Wrist
  • Crossface Cradle Pin Maneuver
  • Double Arm Bar Pin Maneuver
Wrestling Conditioning Drills
  • Over and Under Leapfrog Drill
  • Conditioning Spin Drill
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