Advanced Tennis Drills

featuring Gilad Bloom
Tennis Drills and Skills: Volume 2 / 2-Disc Set (DVD)

Advanced Tennis Drills (DVD)

This 2-disc DVD delivers 42 tennis drills and tennis tips (over 80 minutes of footage!) specifically for advanced players seeking expert instruction from a trusted source. Watch as former ATP-pro Gilad Bloom demonstrates how to improve specific game skills, including: court positioning and footwork, tennis forehand & tennis backhand technique, serving, defense and more! The tennis drills are conveniently organized into chapters - making it easy for you to customize your training experience.

Go from knowing simply how to play tennis to knowing how to win at tennis!

DVD Table of Contents

- Meet Gilad Bloom, Part 1
- Meet Gilad Bloom, Part 2
- Tennis Builds Character

Swing Mechanics & Positioning:
- Getting Ready to Play
- The Crossover Step
- The Crossover Step for Backhands
- Footwork Tips
- Keep Your Eye on the Ball
- Point of Contact
- Prepare Early on Shots
- Quick Adjustment Steps
- Low Ball Drill
- Taking Short Balls

The Forehand:
- The GB Forehand, Part 1
- The GB Forehand, Part 2
- The GB Forehand, Part 3
- Racket Head Speed Drill

The Backhand:
- One-Handed Backhand, Part 1
- One-Handed Backhand, Part 2
- Two-Handed Backhand
- Backhand Slice

The Serve:
- Introduction to Serving
- Understanding the Serve
- Tips for First and Second Serves
- The Second Serve
- The Slice Serve
- Serve and Volley

At The Net:
- The Volley Shot
- Volley Shot Technique, Part 1
- Volley Shot Technique, Part 2
- The Overhead Shot
- The Overhead Drill
- The Backhand Overhead
- Overhead-Volley Mix

Defense & Strategy:
- The Transition Game
- Passing Shots
- Angle Shots
- Hitting on the Run
- Getting Back to the Middle
- The Drop Shot
- Returning a Serve
- Charging the Net on a Short Serve

Check out this sample from the DVD:

The Crossover Step for Backhands

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