Beginner's Tennis Drills

featuring Mike Metz
Tennis Drills and Skills: Volume 1 (DVD)

Beginner's Tennis Drills (DVD)

Teaching kids how to play tennis can be challenging. On this DVD, Coach Michael Metz presents 18 tennis drills and tennis tips designed specifically for teaching tennis beginners the basics of tennis in terms that they can understand. Take advantage of these tennis drills to develop your child's tennis forehand and backhand shot techniques and mechanics, improve serving, and introduce proper court positioning & footwork.

With over 40 minutes of professional tennis instruction, conveniently organized by topic, this DVD is a great teaching tool to make sure you can teach any child how to play tennis!

DVD Table of Contents

- Meet Coach Metz

Basic Swing Mechanics & Positioning
- Advice For Working With Kids
- Forehand Basics for Kids
- Kids Forehand Drill, Part 1
- Kids Forehand Drill, Part 2
- Backhand Groundstroke Drill
- Backhand Movement Drill
- Hip Rotation and Positioning
- Positioning Drill
- One-hand Backhand Volley Drill

Introduction to Serving
- Practice Tips for Improving
- Tennis Serving Drill
- The Service Toss

Introduction to Advanced Shot Techniques
- Touch Game
- Drop Shot Basics
- Drop Shot Game
- Lob Shot Drill
- Depth Drill

Check out this sample from the DVD:

Kids Forehand Drill, Part 1

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