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Basketball Rebounding: Rebounding Drill

This 'game-like' basketball rebounding drill teaches players how to put a body on their opponents when going after a rebound. This is a great basketball drill for helping players learn how to win the neutral space under the basket.

This looks really great and something coaches can easily use for drills with the younger kids. Your video segments were perfect… quick and to the point.
-Coach B
 Cranbury-Plainsboro Little League
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With over 90 basketball drills and tips developed specifically for youth players and covering all aspects of the game, this library is the perfect complement to our coaching products. The Basketball Skills and Drills Library is designed to give parents, coaches, and team volunteers all of the drills and technical expertise they need to get kids to succeed in the great game of basketball. Regardless of your skill level, PlaySportsTV’s instructional videos will have you coaching like a pro! See the Coaches Featured in this Library

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  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Rebounding
  • Defense
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Table of Contents

Basketball Dribbling: Basics
  • Warm-up Dribbling Drill
  • Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 1
  • Triple Threat to Ball Handling, Part 2
  • Ball Handling
  • Stationary Dribbling Drill
  • Finger Pads for Dribbling
  • Dribbling and Pivoting
  • Protecting the Ball Drill
  • Moving With the Basketball
  • Keep Away Drill
Basketball Dribbling: Beyond Basics
  • Two-Ball Dribbling Drills
  • Dribbling Efficiency Drill
  • Five Dribbling Maneuvers
  • Between-the-Legs Dribble
  • Behind-the-Back Dribble
  • Crossover Dribbling
  • Cross Dribbling
  • Two-Ball Crossover Drill
Basketball Passing: Basics
  • Passing Basics
  • Chest Pass Basics
  • Chest Pass Drill
  • Bounce Pass
  • Bounce and Chest Pass Drill
  • Passing on the Move
  • Overhead Pass
Basketball Passing: Beyond Basics
  • Wall-Passing Drill
  • Bounce and Chest Passes on the Move
  • Passing Lane Drill
  • Two-Ball Passing Lane Drill
  • Pass Around the Defender
  • Overhead Throw-In
Basketball Rebounding
  • Boxing Out
  • Rebound and Outlet Pass
  • Rebounding Drill
  • Foul Shot Rebounding
Basketball Shooting: Basics
  • Triple Threat to Shot
  • Shooting Basics
  • Breaking Down the Shot
  • Release and Follow-Through
  • The Non-Shooting Hand
  • Basic Shooting Drill
  • Dribble to Layup Transition
  • Right-Handed Layup
  • Left-Handed Layup
  • Two-Ball Layup Drill
  • Shooting Contest
Basketball Shooting: Beyond Basics
  • Catch and Shoot
  • Mikan Layup Drill
  • Jump Stop
  • Shot Fake
  • Low Post Shots
  • How to Shoot Free Throws
  • How to Shoot a Jump Hook
Basketball Offense: Point Guard Drills
  • Intro
  • 2 Steps Layups Drill
  • Toss Out Layups Drill
  • Attack The Quick Help
  • Finishing Moves in the Paint
  • Wrist Rockers
  • 2 Step Change of Directions
  • Cone Line Attacks
  • Retreat to Re-attack
  • 2 Ball Scoring
  • Consequence Shooting
  • Quick Shots
  • Diamond Cones
  • Shots From Separation
  • Side Pick and Roll Shooting
Basketball Defense
  • Defensive Stance
  • Footwork
  • Defensive Slide
  • One-Pass Away Defense
  • Defending the Ball Handler
  • Defending the Post
  • Defending the Cutter
Girls' Basketball
  • V-Cut
  • Trapping
  • Team Defense
  • Swim Manuever
  • Rebounding Drill
  • Pick & Roll
  • Outside Shooting
  • Offensive Positioning
  • Fouls Defined
  • Five Spot Shooting
  • Elbow Jumpers
  • Decision Making
  • Boxing Out
  • Beating the Trap
  • Back Door Cut
Strength and Conditioning
  • Pre-Hab Workout
  • Warm-Up Drills
  • Warm-Up Jump Drill
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Core Drills
  • Plyometrics Drill
  • Lower Body Strength Drills
  • Agility and Reaction Drill
  • Quickness and Reaction Drills
  • Cool Down Drills
Basketball Rules: The Court
  • Baseline Introduction
  • Midcourt Line and Sidelines
  • Breaking Down the Halfcourt
Basketball Rules: On Offense
  • Start-Stop Double Dribble
  • Two-Hand Double Dribble
  • Palming Violation
  • Pivot Foot Violation
  • Backcourt Pass Violation
  • Backcourt Violation
  • Throw-in Violation
  • Five-Second Rule on Throw-ins
  • Inbounds Pass Violation
  • Five-Second Violation
  • Three-Second Violation
  • The Foul Lane
  • Offensive Foul Shot Violation
  • Swinging Elbows Violation
  • Charging Foul
  • Illegal Screen
  • Time-Out Hand Signals
  • Official's Hand Signals
Basketball Rules: On Defense
  • Hand Contact Fouls
  • Block/Charge Call
  • Blocking Foul
  • Pushing Foul
  • Pushing Back Foul
  • Off-the-Ball Foul
  • Fouling the Screener
  • Foul Shooter Violation
  • Defensive Foul Shot Violation
  • Defensive Throw-in Violation
Basketball Coach's Corner
  • Player Talk
  • Practice Philosophy
  • Parent Talk
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