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Tennis Tips: Overhead Drill

The overhead shot in tennis is a great way to win points, but to pull it off a player must be prepared and ready to back up quickly. In this video, Gilad Bloom provides a lot of great tennis tips and demonstrates a great drill for working on the overhead.

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  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Net Play
  • The Serve
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Table of Contents

Beginner Tennis Tips
  • How to Choose a Tennis Racket
  • Tennis Court Layout and Lines
  • The Forehand Grip
  • Getting Ready to Play
  • Point of Contact
  • Keep Your Eye On The Ball
  • Prepare Early on Shots
  • Footwork Tips
  • Positioning Drill
Tennis Forehand
  • Gilad Bloom Forehand, Part 1
  • Gilad Bloom Forehand, Part 2
  • Gilad Bloom Forehand, Part 3
Tennis Backhand
  • One-Handed Backhand, Part 1
  • One-Handed Backhand, Part 2
  • Two-Handed Backhand
  • Crossover on the Backhand
  • The Backhand Overhead
  • Backhand Slice
Tennis Tips
  • Taking Short Balls
  • The Volley Shot
  • Volley Shot Technique, Part 1
  • Volley Shot Technique, Part 2
  • The Overhead Shot
  • Overhead Drill
  • Overhead-Volley Mix
  • The Drop Shot
  • Charge Net on Short Serve
  • Passing Shots
  • The Transition Game
  • Hitting on the Run
  • Get Back to the Middle
  • Quick Adjustment Steps
  • The Crossover Step
  • Low Ball Drill
  • Racket Head Speed Drill
  • Angle Shots
Tennis Serve: Tips and Drills
  • Introduction to Serving
  • Understanding the Serve
  • Practice Tips for Improving Serves
  • First and Second Serve Tips
  • The Second Serve
  • The Slice Serve
  • Serve and Volley
  • Return of Serve
Quickstart Tennis
  • Choosing the Right Equipment for Kids
  • Choosing the Correct Tennis Racket
  • The 8-And-Under Tennis Court
  • The 8-And-Under Game
  • The 10-And-Under Tennis Court
  • The 10-And-Under Game
  • Playground Ball Rally
  • Racket Handling Drills
  • Call My Name Activity
  • The Underhand Toss
  • Koosh Ball Skills
  • Rollball Game
  • Side Throws with a Playground Ball
  • Drop Ball in Circles Game
  • Developing Rally Skill
  • Racket Trap
  • Deep and Short Movement for Hitting and Recovering
  • One-Bounce, Two-Bounce Game
  • Step-Back Rally Game
  • Lobster Trap
  • One-Foot Rally
  • Rallying Side-to-Side Color Drill
  • Tennis Serve Motion with Football
  • Underhand Serve
  • 8-And-Under Underhand Service Progression to Baseline
  • 10-And-Under Overhand Service Motion
  • Splat! Game
  • Jacks Game
  • Champion of the Court
  • Four-Square Game
  • High-Ball Rally
  • Juggle Rally
  • 10-And-Under Tag Team Game
Kids Tennis Tips and Drills
  • Advice for Working with Kids
  • Forehand Basics for Kids
  • Kids Forehand Drill, Part 1
  • Kids Forehand Drill, Part 2
  • Backhand Movement Drill
  • Backhand Groundstoke Drill
  • Hip Rotation and Positioning
  • One-Handed Backhand Volley
  • Touch Game
  • Drop Shot Basics
  • Drop Shot Game
  • The Service Toss
  • Tennis Serving Drill
  • Lob Shot Drill
  • Depth Drill
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